Ushuaia & El Calafate

We jumped on a plane from BA and spent four days in Ushuaia (at the very bottom of Argentina – just above Cape Horn) where we went for a boat trip along the Beagle Channel. Amazing scenery when you look back from the boat as the town itself is nestled inbetween a mountain range and the sea.

On the second day we decided to try and find the St Martial glacier which is at the top of a nearby mountain. The chair lift was being repaired so we took a brief stroll up said mountain. The snow got to about 2 foot deep so we called it a day about halfway up (600 metres I think it was). Turned out to be a good idea as it started chucking it down with snow just as we got back to the road. There followed a very, very long walk back to town as we couldn´t see the trail through the forest so had to walk all the way back down a very windy mountain road.

Next day we went to the Tierro del Fuega National Park with a very nice guide, lots of wandering around in the snow and some more amazing scenery along with a highly political discussion about why beavers shouldn´t be shot.

After a well deserved day off we jumped back on a plane and went to El Calafate which is a very posh little town near to the Perito Morino glacier (look at the pics – you´ll recognise it). Spent a day at the glacier and then realised just how much we´ve spent on plane tickets and excursions so we´ve just had a couple of lazy days wandering around town and at the hostel before we fly back to BA. Then it´s bus rides all the way to either Mendoza, Cordoba or Rosario – not made our minds up yet but there may well be a road trip in the offing if car hire is cheap!

David (and Sian) xx

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  1. Finally got on here. Looks absolutely amazing. Hope you are having a fantastic time xxxx

  2. Just added some text Mim, we had to go to an internet cafe in town first to upload the pics as the computer at the hostel couldn´t handle it.

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