And up the East coast…

We left Philip Island and continued on with our road trip stopping briefly at a place called Lakes Entrance and then Mallacoota where we had Wallabies and Pelicans outside our door. The place was overrun with flies so it was quite unpleasant to walk around in which is a shame as it would have been a really pretty place without them.

We decided to get some miles under our belt the next day and ended up in a little inland town called Berry where we stayed in a motel. There was a spider under my pillow which was a bit disconcerting (only a little one). We brushed it off the bed but it reappeared a few hours later so we had to throw it out. I think my pillow was it´s home! Needless to say David ended up on that side of the bed.

We decided to bypass Sydney on the way back up the coast and instead took a detour into the Blue Mountains and a place called Katoomba where we saw a rock formation called the Three Sisters but unfortunately had to stay in a hugely overpriced YHA hostel.

Then came the Hunter valley, again very expensive, but I did manage to bargain our motel room down by 15 dollars which I was quite pleased about. Me, haggling! This time there was a six legged spider on the ceiling (not quite so small this time but we felt a bit sorry for it with it´s missing limbs so decided to leave it where it was. It was gone in the morning – eek!). We went and sampled some of the local wine which was good fun and even bought a couple of bottles. It was extremely hot at this point. It must have been nearly 40 degrees which I can now confirm is too hot for us delicate little English folk who are more used to rain and grey skies.

In Port Macquarrie we stayed a couple of days in the hopes of having a lie in and a break from all the driving but our room was right by the showers so we got woken up at the crack of dawn again. Everyone gets up very early around these parts. I don´t think I will ever be able to sleep in again. We tend to wake up by about seven most mornings and we have even had a few 6am starts recently. We must be getting old!

We went to the Koala hospital and saw all the cute and cuddly Koalas who were recuperating from burns from bush fires and injuries from road acidents. Some of the stories were really sad. We saw them having their afternoon milk though – aaaahhhh!

The next day we went for a walk along the boardwalk, a nature trail in the middle of town, and saw a big lizard and a load of flying foxes but not the wild Koalas who are said to hang out there. We were also walking over funnel web spider holes which I found out later. We went for a look at the rocks on the harbour wall which are painted with every thing from marriage proposals to eulogies. Then came the icing on the cake. A trip to Timbertown!

Timbertown is a mock 19th century logging town (as it says on the tin really) it was super naff and very hot and there were about five people there – including us. Quite funny though and there were cows to stroke. It also only cost 5 dollars so it was worth it for a laugh.

Up the coast was Coffs Harbour where we went for a walk around the breakwater and then went and saw the towns famous giant banana.

After Coffs Harbour it was Byron Bay (overrated me thinks) where we stayed in a bit of a scabby hostel in the rainforest. We had to put our bedside table outside because it was covered in spider webs and dust. The guy who worked there´s response was ´Well you are in the rainforest´, my reply being ´Don´t they have dusters in the rainforest?´ Where we stayed in Bolivia, in the middle of the Amazon, which took several hours by boat to get to was free of spider webs. Why can´t a place five minutes drive from a major tourist town be? Anyway, rant over, the place was run by surfer boys so what can you expect really?

Brisbane is a nice place but not a lot to do we found. We went to an art gallery and then to the cinema to watch 2012, what a load of tosh! They have a beach in the middle of the city which was kinda cool. Our hostel could have been really nice, there was a great pool and we went swimming for the first time in Australia. However, we were sharing a four bedroom apartment with two other couples and a couple of Scottish lads who had been there for quite a while and acted like they owned the place. While the other couples hid in their rooms, they had all their mates over, smoked some wacky baccy and left the TV on all night – and I do mean all night – until about 7am which got on my nerves quite a lot and I got on Davids nerves by tossing and turning and whingeing about it. So the next night I staged a protest by commandeering the TV all evening and they all went out. Victory!

Next installment coming soon, had to split this into two bits as we haven´t got enough internet time to upload all the pictures!

Love Sian (and David) xxx

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  1. Hi once again great pictures, got your card today was it from Cairns or Christmas Island. Please phone on Boxing Day as both Tracy & Peter will be here from about midday. We’re going to Gail’s on Xmas day.


    1. Hi Dad

      We sent the card from a place called Mission Beach (near Cairns) – glad it got there OK!

      We’re flying to Singapore on Boxing Day and should actually get there roundabouts midday your time so I will try and ring you then.

      Have a nice Christmas Day if I don’t speak to you before.


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