A holiday (within a holiday)

Happy New Year! Just thought I would get that out of the way.

We only spent one more day in Perth with Tim and Kelly before heading off to Margaret River where we went wine, beer, cheese, venison and chocolate tasting. Then we stopped in Pemberton to see some big trees. David climbed up a 60m fire lookout tree but the rest of us were too scared and hot to be bothered.

We gave Tim and Kelly their first taste of hostel life. We turned up and the place looked like a complete scab hole but fortunately that was just the workers part of the hostel and there was a much nicer three bedroom house where the normal people stayed. We went for a nice pub meal in the evening and had a few beers before heading to bed earlyish which was a good job as the next day on the way to Walpole we got pulled over by the police who were doing random breath tests which was a little nerve wracking at the time but David passed fortunately.

In Walpole it was more trees, this time a tree top walk and some really big hollow ones. Then we drove to Bunbury where we stayed in a triangle and went for a swim in the sea.

Fremantle was our Christmas home. We got upgraded from the original apartment that we booked to a beautiful town house very near the center of the city. It was lovely to have somewhere homely to spend Christmas.

In Fremantle we visited the prison which was fascinating, if a bit creepy, and went fishing. We didn´t catch anything but we did see someone catch a seagull and a seal which was circling in the hope of an easy meal.

Our Christmas day was a little different from the traditional English affair. We went stereotypical Aussie with a swim in the sea in the morning (where we saw Santa on a jetski) and then back to the house for a BBQ (with prawns no less). The evening was spent in much the same way as at home, lazing in front of the TV and eating leftover food!

Then, on Boxing day, it was time to leave Australia and head for Singapore. Oz had one more suprise for us though. When putting the cover back on the BBQ David found a Redback spider, fortunately it seemed to be quite placid and not up for biting him.

The hotel in Singapore was a real treat. It was very odd to be staying somewhere where they call you Sir and Madam and open doors and call lifts for you. To be honest we felt a little out of place to begin with but we soon got over it.

In Singapore we did a bit of window shopping on Orchard Road (it´s amazing I have literally never seen so many shops) and actual shopping in Chinatown. We visited Little India and went on the Night Safari and to the zoo.

We ate lots of lovely food, I even tried some frog and Tim enjoyed a bowl of chicken feet (I don´t think I´m going to go there). The alcohol was very expensive so there wasn´t much drinking though. We didn´t even have hangovers on New years Day (that´s a first) but the Singaporians made up for it. I have never seen so much vomit. Literally every toilet I tried to go into was covered in it.

Instead of the usual binge drinking session which is a traditional English New Years Eve we went for a lovely curry and watched the fireworks over Marina Bay which were beautiful, even though it was super crowded and we got stuck in an underpass full of people for a while which was a little unnerving.

We finally had to say adios to Tim and Kelly which was sad  (we will miss having them around) and caught a bus to Melaka in Malaysia which turned up 45 minutes late (unheard of in mañana South America). Now back to bus travel and hostels after the luxury of Christmas. But we are off to Borneo soon!

Love Sian (and David) xxx

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  1. Happy New Year, your Singapore fireworks make Four Marks ones look like a damp squib. Barbied prawns make a nice change for Xmas dinner & how did you manage to find all those beer samples in a vineyard.

    Love Kathy & Dad

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