Iguazu Falls

So from the snow to the rain forest (well sanitised rain forest anyway). Yes we changed our minds and after a few days back in BA (where I found book heaven in the form of a very glamorous cinema converted to a bookshop) we decided to head north to Puerto Iguazu and see the water falls which were amazing!

David and I went clubbing one night with some people from the hostel and David even danced to some Brazilian music – yes, he was very, very drunk. The next day we both had the wost hangover ever so stayed in bed for most of it, we wont be doing that again in a hurry.

We are curently in a place called Rosario which to me seems a little like Aldershot a la Argentina but it is a bank holiday so there isn´t many people around which is nice. We did our first long bus journey to get here of 18 hours, which actually wasn´t as bad as it sounds despite having “Disaster Movie” inflicted on us (what a load of pants!). David got to watch Death Race twice in a row so he was happy.

We will be heading to Mendoza in a few days in the hopes of sampling some fine vino tinto. We are getting a little sick of youth hostels so might treat ourselves to a hotel or perhaps even stay at a vineyard for a night or two.

Sian (and David) xx

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  1. Finally caught up with technology, the end of the world train is right up my street. David please smile more to camera or is it a permanent hangover. Liked the BA nature reserve & the glacier is out of this world.

    Keep the pictures coming. Dad & Kathy

  2. I may have been a bit harsh with the Aldershot a la Argentina comment it´s not that bad really. The steaks are amazing an inch thick sirloin for about six quid. I had a truly delicious one the other day, I fear steak will never be the same, although I am suffering from a serious vitamin C deficiency.

    Mim – re David and still hungover, he probably was, but I think he looks rather rugged. xxxx

  3. Ohh that bookshop sounds like heaven! I want a pet sammich-stealing critter, too cute! David looks like a different man in the last picture, was he still hungover in pic 16?
    Miss you both lots xxx

  4. Aldershot ala Argentina …hehehehe and you had to go miles and miles for that! No, seriously, I do like the look of the falls but I have to say I did prefer the snow in the South.
    I want to know if you had one of those legendary Argentinian beefsteaks -apparently they are rather large and very VERY good. Be safe and Keep us posted …:-)Karolina

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