Thailand Part II

Just a short blog this time to make up for the last one!

After I was searched by all of the security guards at Kathmandu airport we finally managed to get on the plane, arrived back in Bangkok and returned to the nice guest house we´d stayed at previously. The following day we had a well deserved lie-in and then went to Siam Paragon (a very posh shopping centre) for a bit of retail therapy – the Maserati showroom – and then on to the cinema to watch Alice in Wonderland 3D which Sian didn´t like even though Johnny Depp was in it.

Then it was a bus ride to Ayutthaya, an ancient Thai capital, full of crumbling temples. At one of these we saw a stone Buddha head embedded in tree roots which is apparently one of the most photographed things in Thailand. And so, like good tourists, we queued amongst a Japanese coach trip to take said photograph. Although it´s a nice enough place, there are a lot of stray dogs in Ayutthaya and they can be a bit aggressive. Sian tripped on a paving slab as we were walking around a pack of the buggers and before we knew it we had four of them following us barking and we thought we might be in store for a rabies injection. Fortunately there was a group of people up ahead of us who we ´fast walked´ too and the hounds left us alone.

Chiang Mai was our next destination so we got on a train for 11 hours which was incredibly boring. I´d been looking forward to a train journey after all the buses but it was a bit of a let down. We shall have to have another go in China I think – maybe treat ourselves to a first class private compartment this time though!

Chiang Mai was not what we were expecting. We stayed in a very touristy location, something which we had managed to avoid in Bangkok. It was full to the brim with scantily clad young girls and fifty something sex pests which is, I suppose, an appropriate combination. We didn´t see a lot of Chang Mai, I think by this point we were templed out and Sian couldn´t walk very far as she had bruised her metatarsal (diagnosed by Doctor Google) when she tripped over the scabby dogs in Ayutthaya. So we spent a day on a cooking course where we cooked five courses of Thai food (and ate it). So watch out, it´s Thai food for you all when we get home. After all this cooking fun we found an Irish Pub (see, touristy) and watched the Bahrain Grand Prix which was about as exciting as the train journey!

And finally it was Sians birthday, so we decided to go and hang around in the airport for 4 hours (our flight was delayed). The day got a lot better, but only after we arrived in Laos!

Lots of love David (and Sian) xxx

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  1. Hi, Happy Birthday to both of you ;-); if there is any Thai food going – please – let me join.

  2. Hi nice to see your back in Thailand, from what I remember from my fleeting visit one temple looks so much like another. Anyway this is to wish David a happy birthday for the 25th.

    Lopve Dad & Kathy

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