Salta and around

It´s been a busy few days as you can probably tell from the shear number of pictures we have taken! We arrived in Salta on Monday the 8th and spent a couple of days exploring the city which has a very pretty main plaza. David made me go up a mountain in a cable car which was quite terrifiying.

We decided it would be fun to hire a car and go on a bit of a road trip. We drove up the Quebrado del Toro to San Antonio de los Cobres which is the road which follows the Train to the Clouds. Stunning scenery but San Antonio was a complete hole, a ghost town really. The road reached 4080m at one point and we stopped to give two old ladies a lift (they tried to sell us llama scarfs) and getting in and out of the car gave me a head rush, bring on Bolivia! (I did try running up and down a bit lower down and it wasn´t too bad so hopefully I´ll cope).

The next day we drove to Tilcara on route nine which was beautiful if a little hairy. The road was a cars width with huge drops into dense jungle, the pictures don´t do it justice.

We stayed in Tilcara in a hostel on a hill above the town which had two lovely dogs called Maggie and Wifi and a hippy for an owner. There were some interesting Inca ruins which we visited, just down the road from the town.

Yesterday we visited San Lorenzo (just outside of Salta) and walked the gorge which was another interesting experence devoid of English health and safety regulations but again beautiful.

Tomorrow we are off to Tupazi in Bolivia via a bus to La Quiaca on the Argentinian border, and then a couples of hours train ride.

Sian (and David) xxx

P.S I have had a few wines, next time I will try and waffle less!

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  1. Nooooo, waffle more, cause without the waffle there is less meaning to the pictures. Stunning, stunning scenery. I need to go on Google maps to find out where you are. You couldn’t import a little gadget into your website that would show your progress on a map? Remembering our conversations, seeing the picture – that dog looks very friendly – lets hope its his nature and not the rabies – remember friendly squirrels??!!

  2. After seeing the photos Basil has taken a fancy to Maggie, can he come over to meet her or else will she become his pen pal.

    Love Kathy & Dad

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