Tupiza & Uyuni

Well, we have been a  bit slack with the blog and I´m finding it hard to remember just what we have been up too but I will try my best.

We managed to navigate the Bolivian/Argentinian border with the help of a lovely couple we met getting off the bus from Salta. It was a freezing and drawn out experence but quite straightforward really. We then jumped on a bus to Tupiza, a small town about two and a half hours from the border. The bus journey was interesting (I feel that there may be many interesting bus journeys in Bolivia) but we arrived unscathed.

We spent a few days in Tupiza mainly eating and I manage to pursuade David to go horse riding again. Our guide (a boy of about 14) didn´t speak any English so I tried out my appalling Spanish on him, half of which he understood and half he didn´t.

From Tupiza we went on a four day trip to and around the Salar de Uyuni. Fortunately we picked a really good tour company (La Torre), the food was amazing and we felt really safe with our driver and guide. We were also lucky in the fact that we were with a really nice group of people (the couple we met at the border and some girls and another couple from the hostel we were staying at) which made it all the better. It was, however, freezing at night. Minus 13 at one point with no heating!

The highlights were the Laguna Verde and the Salt Flats themselves, but beautiful scenery all the time. You can see in the pictures that there are piles of stones everywhere, these are made by tourists apparently. Why, we don´t know. We also got to 5000 m at which point David decided that we had lost the camera and made us all search the jeep for it, lifting bags, getting in and out of the car etc, no wonder I was out of breath.

We then spent a night in Uyni in a place which had heating, a bath and cable TV which was great after the basic accommodation of the past few days.

Next stop was Potosi, a mining town at about 4000m. We spent two days there, looked around the old national mint, and David had his first Bolivan haircut which was, to my disappointment, really very good ( I was hoping for some amusing photos).

Then after another colourful bus ride we arrived in Sucre, Boliva´s beautiful capital city. It really wasn´t what I was expecting after what we had already seen of Boliva.  We spent most of our time mooching around the pretty tree-lined streets, drinking milkshakes and enjoying the lower altitude and warmer weather. We met up with Jessica and Julian (the couple we met at the border) for dinner a couple of times and just relaxed a bit. There was also a really cute puppy at our hostel which made it all the better.

Anyway that is all for now, we are currently in La Paz and about to head for the jungle tomorrow but there will be further updates on that later.

Sian (and David) xxx

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