We flew from La Paz in a tiny little plane to Rurrenabaque, a town on the edge of the jungle and the pampas. It was a very nice little town and was a welcome change after being in La Paz. We stayed one night in an alright hostel which was unfortunately full of very loud girls who sat outside our room most of the night and talked in loud and abrasive voices. But we did get to find out interesting facts about their bowel movements, how many men they had slept with and who had had boob jobs which really made up for the lack of sleep.

The next day we started our three day Chalalan Ecolodge tour by hopping on a small boat for six hours which took us up the Rio Beni and Rio Tuichi into the middle of the Amazon rainforest.

The lodge was beautiful and the rooms really good. We went on a canoe ride on the Chalalan lake and saw some capuchin and yellow squirrel monkeys and lots of birds. Later we went on a night walk around the forest in search of bugs and snakes but to my relief saw more monkeys (night monkeys) and a small frog. The guide, however, did show us a tarantula which was nesting in the thatch of the kitchen roof.

There was a religious ceromony for the locals in the evening, for San Jose we think, and there was a blessing and then they all got drunk and stayed up all night, literally the band were still playing when we got up at seven the following morning. They know how to have a good time in Bolivia!

The next day was more jungle walking and more monkeys! This time black spider monkeys. David wanted to go fishing so we stopped on a sand bank by a small river and fished with beef for piranas. They were definitely biting but were very dificult to catch. Unfortunately we got eaten by sand flys. David has 90 individual bites but he wont let me take a photograph. I got away more lightly but they itch like hell. In the afternoon we saw yet more monkeys, red howler monkeys this time and were surrounded by the yellow squirrels and capuchins as we walked back from a mirador above the lake.

After our jungle experience we spent a couple more days in Rurrenabaque at a nice hotel on the outskirts of town. It was good to relax for a few days in the warmth before heading back to La Paz and the altitude and our first shared hostel room.

Next stop Copacabana for more luxury and treats.

Sian (and David) xxx

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  1. Hi david & sian, nice to hear from you so regularly. You must know that red wine will keep the insects at bay as tried & tested by me. All we can manage is a caravan trip later this week to Broadway & then Devon where we’ll meet up with Pat & Roger. By the way Kathy is now in forced retirement having been made redundant last week.

    Love Dad & Kathy

  2. Hey Sian, sitting in the office… your ex-colleagues are sending their love – there were some comments about ‘feeling insanely jealous’ about you being over there and us over here…BUT don’t let that make you feel bad, you just carry on having good time whilst we are supporting the UK economy, so that you can come safely back….
    love kp on behalf of LLC

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