Lake Titicaca

We spent last week in Copacabana on Lake Titicaca. The lake itself is beautiful and the town is nice, but I have never in my life seen so many swan pedelos and assorted craft. We stayed in a really nice egg-shaped building all of our own with a great view of the lake and some very comfy hammocks which saw a lot of use and even some interesting pigs to watch. I have never seen a pig fight before but it seems to be sort of like WWF.

David made me climb lots of big hills which was tough but worth it for the views and he even made me go sailing with him on the lake which was quite scary. We dropped the sail in the lake and it was difficult to pull it out and steering was a nightmare. David blames the Bolivian craftsmanship… hmm.

Our return journey to La Paz cemented our hatred of bus travel. A middle-aged French lady shut my window without asking me,  pulled both mine and Davids hair whilst leaning on the back of our seats and then elbowed David in the face whilst trying to get a photo of a cow.

We arrived in Cuzco today after another interesting journey, this time a flight. I have never been through such a drawn-out process. Forms and more forms, a bag search, an x-ray and much to David´s dissapointment only I got a pat down from the attractive Bolivian security lady. Then we got on the plane and taxied down the runway only to turn round at the last minute becase of bad weather in Cuzco. But we are here and the town is really pretty and the Peruvians we have met so far have been very friendly.

Now I am going to retire for some TV and chocolate as I have been awake since 2:30 this morning.

Sian (and David) xx

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