Cuzco & Machu Picchu

We arrived in Peru last Thursday from La Paz after an interesting and frustrating time at La Paz airport. We did get see the Venezuelan presidents plane and cabin crew though (and very smart they were too).

We spent four days in Cuzco seeing the sights and eating lots. Cuzco is a very pretty city but as you can imagine very touristy and quite expensive.

Although we hadn´t booked in advance we managed to get places on the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu which first took us through the Cuzcan countryside, up a 4800m mountain and then through some local communities where David managed to set fire to a drunk locals poncho with his cigarette (he was trying to give him some coca leaves at the time).

We were meant to leave for the trek on Tuesday, however there was a transport strike planned for that day so we had to leave on Monday right at the last minute which meant an extra night camping woo hoo!

The trek was fantastic, we were with a really nice group of people (although one of them had an obsession with the local freeze-dried potatoes) and our guides were brilliant. Alex (the main guide) reminded me of dad because he was under the impression that he had very sexy legs. I miss him already, he was a very funny man.

Not much sleep and lots of walking up hills was very tiring but the views were stunning and it was well worth the effort. At the end we got to relax in the hot springs at Lares which was great but smelt a bit eggy. On Friday we got to Machu Picchu (by bus from Lares and then train from Ollantaytambo) and the ruins certainly live up to expectations. To finish off the trip we walked up to the Sun Gate (the entrance to Machu Picchu from the classic Inca Trail) but unfortunately the weather had turned a little so there was quite a lot of cloud by that point.

Now we are back in Cuzco briefly but flying to Lima tomorrow and then on by bus to the beach resort of Mancora for some well deserved hammock action and surfing lessons!

Sian (and David) xx

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  1. Wow! what scenery, I can’t believe that you walked that far when you normally pop in the car to go anywhere. I see you’ve tried the insect bite preventative in a glass.

    Love Dad & Kathy

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