Nasca & Arequipa

We heard that Nasca was a bit of a dump so we decided that we would only stay one night, fly over the lines the next morning and then get a bus to Arequipa in the afternoon. The hostel we stayed at was a little dubious but the town itself wasn´t actually that bad. The flight over the lines was good if a little scary due to the crazy flying the pilot was doing so everyone could get a look. The girl next to me sicked up her motion sickness pills (tee hee). I was OK but glad that I didn´t have any breakfast (the photos are rubbish because taking them made me feel sick). David sat in the front with the pilot but luckily didn´t tell me until after we landed that the stall warning kept going off. He enjoyed himself though!

We got the bus to Arequipa in the afternoon. We were expecting to arrive at around 10pm but we didn´t get there untill 12.30am and the bus station was deserted. The bus driver helpfully told us not to get a taxi off the  street as we would be robbed and then made a slashing motion with his hand across his neck which was comforting. Fortunately the bus station had a night guard who called us an official taxi.

The hostel was lovely and Arequipa is a beautiful city. We spent a few days enjoying the sights and then headed off for a Colca Canyon tour. It was alright but there was a lot of driving and we weren´t with a particulalrly exciting group of people (we did meet a couple of nice lads from Singapore though).

The next stop was Tacna and then a bus across the border into Chile and a town called Arica. The crossing was easy in comparison to the Bolivia-Argentina border. It helps in these situations not to be absolutely freezing!

We are off to Santiago tomorrow and then straight on to a place called Pucon near the Lake District. It will be nice to see some greenery and strangely enough some rain. It´s so dry here. The man who owns the hostel told us today that he has lived here for seven years and it has never rained and there has only been a few cloudy days. It sounds odd but I´m not sure that I could live somewhere that doesn´t have rain. David wants rain, cold weather and snow. I think he´s had enough of the desert too!

We only have two weeks left in South America so it´s going to be a little hectic trying to fit all of Chile in. We´re going to hire a car for a few days and see what we can do though!

Sian (and David) xxx