Buenos Aires and around

Well, here´s a brief summary of the first week. We spent the first three nights in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires which was interesting! It seemed like kind of a rough neighborhood but very colourful and to be honest we didn´t witness anything too dodgy.

Next we went North to Tigre and the Parana river delta for two nights. I impressed myself by asking for train and boat tickets in Spanish (I’m practically fluent!). It was an hours train ride and a two hour boat ride from BA on a really cool boat – even had a boat cat. Lots of people live on the delta in houses with stilts and there are shops and petrol stations on the islands. It was a strange experence staying in the hotel as we were the only guests, but it was relaxing after San Telmo and buses going past your window at 5am. Got eaten alive by the mosquitos though.

Finally we went back to BA, but this time we stayed in the Palermo  district which was a lot more chilled than San Telmo but the hostel was a ´hostel´(ie. a bit dirty and full of kids) but we actually got up the nerve to go out after dark!

The next week is going to be spent right at the bottom of Argentina, in Ushuaia, and perhaps a little further up in El Calafate – wintertime in both so some fun in the snow!

Sian (and David) xx