Iguazu Falls

So from the snow to the rain forest (well sanitised rain forest anyway). Yes we changed our minds and after a few days back in BA (where I found book heaven in the form of a very glamorous cinema converted to a bookshop) we decided to head north to Puerto Iguazu and see the water falls which were amazing!

David and I went clubbing one night with some people from the hostel and David even danced to some Brazilian music – yes, he was very, very drunk. The next day we both had the wost hangover ever so stayed in bed for most of it, we wont be doing that again in a hurry.

We are curently in a place called Rosario which to me seems a little like Aldershot a la Argentina but it is a bank holiday so there isn´t many people around which is nice. We did our first long bus journey to get here of 18 hours, which actually wasn´t as bad as it sounds despite having “Disaster Movie” inflicted on us (what a load of pants!). David got to watch Death Race twice in a row so he was happy.

We will be heading to Mendoza in a few days in the hopes of sampling some fine vino tinto. We are getting a little sick of youth hostels so might treat ourselves to a hotel or perhaps even stay at a vineyard for a night or two.

Sian (and David) xx