Lima to Mancora & back again

We spent a nice week relaxing in sunny Mancora, with lots of beach and hammock action. We decided against surfing lessons as it was quite rough and we thought we were too old and might break something. I managed to almost drown myself a couple of times just swimming and grazed my arse body surfing, but it was fun. There was not much else to do in Mancora so not a lot to tell but it was nice to chill for a bit and eat lots. We are going to be massive lardies by the time we get home.

There was a small drama when we went to catch our bus to Chiclayo and realised that 12.00pm in Peru is really 12.00am (well not sure if it is in the whole of Peru or just at El Dorado bus office!) Instead of waiting 12 hours to catch our bus we decided to get a local bus to Piura and then from there catch another bus to Chiclayo. The local bus was fine until a little girl puked in the aisle and we had to sit with our legs in the air for the rest of the journey to avoid the vomit trickling up and down the bus, yum!

Chiclayo was ok, not a lot to do so we went on a tour of the Moche sites which were very interesting and the fantastic Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan which was easily the best museum we have been to in South America so far and made me a Moche fan, so much better than the Incas. It was interesting to be in a less touristy area of Peru, if kind of odd as we were pointed and waved at and called gringos quite a lot but it all was very good natured and quite funny.

Next stop was Trujillo, a beautiful city but again not a lot to do apart from the local ruins and lots of hairless Peruvian dog spotting. So after a couple of days we decided to spend some time in Huanchaco, famous for its reed boats. The place we stayed at had lots of cute baby animals which provided the majority of the entertainment. We had plans to have a go at surfing here as the waves were much smaller and go on a Paso horse ride but unfortunately we got homesick watching Top Gear. This led to getting a bit tipsy, talking to a slightly crazed French woman about how she was robbed at gun point and then befriending a ginger golden retriever and his cornish lady owner in a lovely little bar. David even managed a few games of pool with the locals but was a little bit too drunk to be any good! Subsequently, we were useless the next day, all we could manage was a brief stroll.

Now we are back in Lima which is so much like home it´s surreal. There is even a Peruvian version of Gunwarf Quays.

Next to Nazca and Arequipa, see you later.

Sian (and David) xxx